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Modified Containers For Trade Show Displays

Trade shows! Love them or hate them, exhibitions, trade shows and consumer shows are a crucial cog in the marketing plan for many businesses. Not only are trade shows and expos an ideal way to show off a new product or introduce a new service to customers, they’re also a great way to make new connections, reinforce a brand, attract investment and gain new prospects. Killer trade show displays are one of the most important factors of a successful  trade show, and  event marketers and trade show exhibitors are waking up to the wow factor that a modified shipping container exhibit brings. They’re also realising the other huge benefits that a shipping container exhibit has over traditional displays – its portability, security, and almost instant set-up times.

An Eye-catching Trade Show Display Is Crucial

There are many elements that make a trade show a success, but one of the biggest necessities is eye-catching and awe-inspiring trade show displays. If your customers are already impressed by the exhibit itself, it’s only a short step to them being impressed by your products and what you have to say as well. And of course having your prospects want to come to you rather than trying to encourage them to stop by makes your sales job that much easier.

But Trade Shows Are Hard Work!

A great exhibit is one thing. But traditional trade show displays can take several days and hundreds of man hours to put together. The carting in of numerous crates, the building of the display, the transportation of every single item that’s required to make your stand inviting and comfortable lugged in across the acres of exhibit hall: chairs, tables, shelves, samples, brochures, technical equipment…and of course, the product itself. If you’re well-organised and lucky, everything you need will eventually arrive, with nothing missing en route. Sounds exhausting? It is! And then after the trade show is finished you have to do it all in reverse! (With hopefully less product to transport back at the end of it all.) As anyone who has ever done a trade show will tell you, bumping in and bumping out are totally exhausting!

Get a BFS Container Trade Show Display

Of course there is a better way. A modified shipping container trade booth from BFS Containers can make your trade show experience easy and enjoyable. No need to cart in several crates and then have to pay expensive riggers and carpenters to build it. Your booth is already built! The display can be completely arranged off site by you and your staff, and stored and stowed in the shipping container. Then you just simply ship it in, open the doors and you’re done. And when you’re finished, you just stow it away, close the doors and ship it out again. Easy!

A Shipping Container Gives Your Exhibit ‘Wow’ Factor

Apart from the ease of transport and setting up, a shipping container exhibit can also give you that wow factor that is so important in trade shows. In a sea of trade show displays, you really want your stand to stand out – and a modified shipping container is just the thing.  We’ve been modifying shipping containers for years, and we can create an innovative and exciting exhibit to suit your product, complete with your own branding. Need a cute bright pink container or a brutal black one? No problem. Want your brand to really stand out? It will definitely stand out on the side of a 10 foot shipping container. Your exhibit will become a landmark that people look for.

Customise Your Trade Show Display

BFS Containers is 100% South African owned, and our modifications are all done in Australia. So we can customise and accessorise your container to your exact specifications. Easy opening hydraulics, drop down benches, seating, tables, shelving, plumbing, wiring…whatever you require. A quick look at our special projects page will give you loads of inspiration as to the different things you can do to a simple shipping container. Need a wall of screens?  A row of treadmills? A fully set up bar? A whole kitchen? A stage? Whatever you want, we can create it. Our engineers will talk it all through with you and help you come up with an exhibit that really makes a splash. We’re experts in modifying shipping containers to create amazing and impressive trade show and event marketing exhibits that will make your job (and your set-up) so much easier.

Trade Show Displays Are Easy to Transport and Store

Two key features of shipping containers are their ease in transportation and their stackability. Shipping containers were originally designed to be transported from truck to port to ship to truck to warehouse with minimum of cost and maximum of ease. A forklift does the rest, easily and efficiently. Reinforced corners mean they can be stacked on top of each other as well ­– up to eight storeys high. This is a huge benefit storage-wise if you have a range of trade show exhibits that need to be stored in between shows.

Your Trade Show Security Is All Sorted Too

Another benefit of a shipping container trade show exhibit is the automatic storage you get when the trade show is closed. No need to take your goods to the expensive secure storage area on site or back to your hotel. Just shut the doors and lock your goods up tight for the night. Easy.

Maintain Enthusiasm and Energy

Face-to-face marketing is an important part of any business, but it’s incredibly hard work!  Long days demonstrating your product or service, long nights socialising or networking with prospects in the evenings…you know the drill. With a shipping container exhibit, you don’t have to waste precious time and energy worrying about your exhibit set-up or close down. You can save all your energy and enthusiasm for promoting or demonstrating your product to those all-important decision-makers.

Right To The Very End

As you are probably aware, some of the biggest deals happen at the end of the show. With a shipping container exhibit, you can maintain your energy and presence right up to the very end of the show, while other stands are worrying about the huge logistics involved in closing down and unpacking their booths in a limited amount of (expensive) time. Not you! Once the last prospect has gone you can shut the door on your shipping container, head off for more networking (or go to your hotel and sleep!) and deal with everything later.

Ready For More Event Marketing Opportunities

You don’t have to wait for the next trade show to promote your business either. The transportable nature of shipping container trade show displays opens up all sorts of opportunities for event marketing in all sorts of places that are not practical for a traditional exhibit. Markets, festivals, fairs, events, promotions, shopping centres and regional tours are all perfect for a spot of event marketing, and with a shipping container, your portable exhibit is all ready to go.

Let Us Create A Unique Trade Show Exhibit for You

Manning a trade show exhibit is exhausting enough without having to transport, build and stock the display itself. Here at Port Shipping Containers, we’re the experts in modifying shipping containers to create amazing and impressive trade show displays and we can help you create one too. If you want a convenient, innovative and eye-catching display, give us a call on +27 788 127 955 or fill out our quote form and find out how we can help you really make the most out of your next trade show.

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