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Shipping Container Accessories

At BFS we’ve been customising and personalising shipping containers for a long time. Consequently we’ve seen (and done) it all! And when it comes to shipping container accessories, we know all the tips and tricks that are required to turn an ordinary shipping container into a masterpiece of convenience and utility.

Specialist and Ready-Made Modified Shipping Containers

Of course, our specialist and ready-made shipping containers already have many container accessories pre-installed. Our first aid room is stocked with medical supplies and ready to go. Switch rooms already come with air conditioning and insulation. Site rooms already have power and lighting. And our accommodation containers and ablution blocks have all the requisite conveniences like toilets and showers pre-installed. Truth be known, you may actually find that our standard conversions have exactly what you need and that you don’t have to do or add a thing. But if and when you do need to accessorise…we’ve got the range of accessories to get the job done right!

Accessorise Your Container to Your Unique Specifications

Every business is different, and many clients have specific requests like extra windows, more doors, paint, signage, shelving, flooring, workbenches, desks, and security measures. Extra double doors on the other side of the container? No problem. A few more walls? Easily fixed. Insulation, a whirly-bird and vents for a storage container? Of course. A paint job in your company colours with a logo and advertising on the outside? Done. These are all simple and common requests that are easily arranged by BFS.

Completely Customised and Modified Special Projects

Of course we can also create completely customised shipping containers from scratch as well (our special projects page shows some terrific examples of the amazing things that can be created out of a shipping container!) so if you have a specific idea for a special project, give us a call. We love a challenge, and turning a shipping container (or several) into something innovative and new is always fun. Whatever you can imagine, we can create.

Accessories for 10 Foot, 20 Foot or 40 foot Sizes

You’ll find a list of the most commonly requested accessories that we offer below. They can be fitted to all of our 10 foot, 20 foot or 40 foot shipping containers upon request.

Shipping Container Accessories

Security Lock Box

Keep the contents of your shipping container safe and secure by installing a high-strength shipping container security lock box. Once fitted, the steel housing protects your padlock from being tampered with, making it impossible to cut with bolt cutters.


Whirlybirds increase air circulation inside your shipping container.


Vents increase air circulation inside your shipping container.

Custom Paint / Re-paint

Giving your second hand shipping containers a fresh coat of paint will make it look brand new. You can select from a range of standard colours or choose a specialist colour if you prefer.

Container Signage

Turn your shipping container into a free billboard! With corporate branding on your shipping container, you’ll have the bonus of free advertising as it travels across the country.

Container Door – Single

We can install additional shipping container accessories including doors in your shipping container for extra access. A single container door is perfect for ease of access.

Container Door – Double

Additional double container doors are shipping container accessories that can be installed in the opposite end or side of your container for loading of bulky goods or dual access.

Personnel Access Door

We have three different container personnel doors available upon request.

  • Flush fit personnel door with deadlock.
  • Heavy duty personnel door with deadlock.
  • Heavy duty personnel door with push bar.

Bulkhead Door

A bulkhead door is required when a container is fitted with insulation. These doors are flush fit from the inside and out.

Roller Doors

Roller door access is ideal for containers with limited space, and can be locked easily. Our workshop roller doors come in two sizes.

  • 2100mm high x 1800mm wide.
  • 2100mm high x 2400mm wide.

Window – Standard

A standard window is perfect for site offices that are placed in secure sites. They are made out of aluminium with one panel fixed and the other on a slide rail. (1200mm x 600mm)

Window with Shutters

Shutters are good for shutting out light, or protecting the glass in transport. They can also be fixed with locks for extra security.

Window with Security Grill

A security window is a must if your container is not sited in a secure location. The heavy duty security grills are welded to the window frame to ensure maximum protection.


Maximise space in your container with fixed shelving. The shelving comes in 1, 2, 3 and 4 tier lengths

Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy duty shelving is ideal for containers that are being used to transport heavy loads. Spark free mesh can also be installed in containers carrying dangerous goods.


Every workshop needs a workbench. We have two container workbench options available for your portable workshop.

  • Light Weight Workbench.
  • Heavy Duty Workbench.

Fixed Desk

An 800mm deep fixed desk with laminate benchtop and 25mm RHS frame made to any length you require can be installed.

Bulkhead Walls

A bulkhead wall can be installed to divide your shipping container into rooms. We have three bulkhead options:

  • Steel Bulkhead.
  • Insulated panel bulkhead.
  • Insulated panel bulkhead with door.

– Insulated Panel Bulkhead with door

Electrical Fitout

Electrical fitout is available if you require power in your container. There are different power options available depending on your needs.

Additional Power Outlets

Additional power points can be easily added to make your container more technology and appliance friendly.

Air Conditioning Unit

We have a range of air conditioning units available depending on the size of your shipping container.


A kitchenette can be added to your standard container. Fitted with cupboards and basin, all that is needed is connection to the water mains.


Our ensuites can be fitted with a shower, toilet, trough and hand basin. This shipping container accessory is a touch of luxury and convenience that is popular with both men and woman alike.

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