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Modified Containers

Nobody knows how to modify shipping containers quite like BFS Containers. We have an extensive range of modified shipping containers available, such as site offices, switch rooms, accommodation containers, first aid rooms and ablution blocks, ready to order. And for those businesses that require a little extra detailing, we can also install additional accessories and customisations to your modified shipping container such as air conditioning, insulation, windows, extra doors, etc.

Modified Shipping Containers South Africa

When your business is expanding in a hurry, and you need an instant worksite solution, you don’t want to muck around. So we have a huge range of pre-designed modified shipping containers ready to order. Our specialist team can design shipping container modifications, specifically to suit your requirements. Our technical and engineering teams have a wealth of experience in creating various different customised shipping containers. Site rooms, first aid rooms, lunch rooms, switch rooms, ablution blocks, explosive magazines, confined space training containers, dangerous goods, accommodation containers…they’re all fully modified, fully transportable, and ready for transportation to your job site, stat. See Our Modified Container Range Below.

Business just got bigger? Another site room or two might be just the answer. Hotels, motels, caravans and pubs near the mine site all full? Order in some fully-specked out container accommodation units and enjoy the savings and convenience. Working in the back of beyond? Remote ablution blocks to the rescue! Needing no power or water to operate, they’re a hygienic and efficient solution to what could be a potentially embarrassing problem. Whatever you need to keep your business or jobsite running smoothly (and your workers happy) can be easily and efficiently arranged with BFS Shipping Containers. And in most cases, we can have your modified container built to order and delivered in a matter of weeks.

Special Project Modified Containers

If you’ve got a special project container modification in mind, then boy have you come to the right place! At BFS we have one of the largest shipping container modification centres in South Africa, and can turn an ordinary shipping container into something spectacularly new and different, like a café, art gallery, bush retreat, travelling exhibition stage or roadshow display, to name just a few. If you can dream it. We can build it! Eye-catching and modified shipping containers are the ideal way to add that extra wow factor to your business and really stand out from the crowd. Check out some of our Special Projects Below.

Male/Female Ablution Block

Club Container Kitchen

Granny Flat Shipping Container

Chuffed Container Cafe

Customised Shipping Container Modifications

Our ‘off-the-plan’ modified shipping containers are a quick and efficient way to expand your worksite in a hurry. However they may not be exactly right for your requirements, or you may want some adjustments made to suit your company’s individual needs. Not every site is the same after all, and not every job requires the same equipment. So one of the most practical services we offer at BFS is the ability for you to customise a shipping container to your own specific requirements. You can choose from a long list of shipping container accessories to add to your modified shipping container, or our modification team can help you work out exactly what kind of modified container you require. They’ll listen to what you need, paying attention to all pertinent details (large and small) and will then work out the best way to create your customised shipping container requirements at an incredibly competitive price.

Types of Container Modifications Available

With modified shipping containers it’s pretty much a case of whatever you can imagine, we can build. The sky literally is the limit, as you’ll discover in our Modified Container Special Projects section. Not looking for something too complicated? Basic container modifications are extremely popular, and easily arranged. Standard accessories and customisations include windows, doors, air conditioning, insulation, electrical and phone fit outs, kitchens, hot water systems, ensuites, paint and signage, shelving, specialty flooring and more. Modified shipping containers and the modifications that implemented are so sophisticated now that you will often forget that you’re even in a modified container! But when it’s time to move sites, you’ll appreciate the convenience and portability they offer.

Modified Container Special Projects

One of the most versatile and exciting services we offer is the ability to modify your shipping container into pretty much anything you desire. The more unusual, the more imaginative, the more we like it. People really respond to all the amazingly clever things that can be created out of shipping containers, and images and stories about them are shared all over the internet.

Perhaps you’re an artist who would like to exhibit around South Africa? No unpacking or packing required – just move your portable art gallery to the next location. Already have a business but think a coffee cart in the car park might add value? We can create a specialised shipping container café very easily, just for you. Own a large farm or property with lots of machinery that need a lot of mechanical tinkering? A mobile shipping container workshop can help solve a lot of problems there, and our massive container shelters can add an impressive amount of extra protection and storage.

Music festivals, trade show exhibitions, consumer expos, travelling roadshows and promotional events can all benefit from our eye-catching display units. One of our latest modified container special projects for example involved creating a spectacular portable shipping container stage for a radio station promotion, which doubled as a secure storage facility when the stage wasn’t in use. A delightful dual purpose, win-win modification that can be used again and again.


Modified shipping containers have been used for thousands of different purposes around South Africa, and new forms of ‘cargotecture’ as it is known, are popping up everywhere. Hotels, bars, markets, shopping centres, theatres, restaurants, housing – even swimming pools and saunas – are just some of the incredible uses that our shipping containers are being converted into.

Australian Owned and Made To Last

BFS Shipping Containers is 100% South African owned and our special projects container modifications are done in our local South African modification centre. So not only are you getting the highest quality modified shipping containers available, you’re also supporting a local South African business. Which in turn helps support the local economy. Something we at BFS believe is a very important consideration when purchasing a product or service.

Plus, all of our shipping container conversions and modifications come with a money back guarantee so you are completely protected in the unlikely event that the modified container you receive is not what you expected. Satisfied customers include councils and government departments like the RTA, TAFE, the South African Defence Force and the S.A Federal Police, and clients from the mining, construction, rail, agriculture and energy industries. And we think you’ll be a very satisfied customer too!

Whether you want a standard, off-the-plan modified shipping container to add accommodation or storage. Or maybe have a grand plan for a special project…we can help. So get the ball rolling by requesting a quote on our modified products with the quick and easy quote form above. Or if you’d prefer to speak to one of our (Australian based) customer service team, call +27 788 127 955. You’ll soon see why BFS Containers are renowned as the South African shipping container modifications experts.

Expert Shipping Container Modifications

BFS Containers has a wide selection of shipping container modifications that you can browse in our website.If you are looking for a modified shipping container for sale, then look no further. Our experienced advisors make the process very easy, right from the first moment you contact us.

Your friendly advisor will take note of all of your requirements, paying attention to the smallest details. This will allow us to design a specialised shipping container, which is created specifically for your needs, whatever they may be.

We can offer modified containers or custom high cube and general purpose container conversions. They will be built to your exact specifications.

We are confident in our products that we offer a money back guarantee on all of our shipping container modifications.

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If you would like a quote for any of our products, please fill in the quote form. We will send you a complete price guide straight away. Alternatively, call one of our sales team at +27 788 127 955 and have all your questions answered.

For more information about this offer or any of our products or services, contact us today with your requirements and see how we can assist you with your ideas.

Number One Company In Shipping Container Modifications!

BFS Shipping Containers has grown to be one of the largest and most reputable companies offering shipping containers for sale and modified shipping containers. We only offer the highest quality containers, which you can clearly see when you inspect any of our units.

We have depots throughout South Africa, which allows us to deliver amazingly quickly at an affordable price. We also have the largest modifications facility in South Africa. Whether you order a standard shipping container on next day delivery, or a modified shipping container, we offer free delivery right across South Africa.

The satisfaction of a customer is our number one priority. We take into account their needs when we supply them with a container. Whether you require a custom shipping container or one of our standard shipping containers, Contact Us today and see what makes us the number one company for shipping containers in South Africa!

100% South African Owned Shipping Containers

BFS Containers is 100% South African owned. This means that when you use our services, you are not only getting the highest quality shipping containers available, but you are also supporting S.A business. This helps to support the local economy.

We offer free nationwide delivery, satisfaction guarantee, competitive prices, great customer service, and a wide range of fully customisable shipping containers.

When you contact us, you will soon see why we are the biggest and best company in S.A for shipping container modifications.

If you would like a quote on one of our modified shipping containers, please give BFS Containers a call on +27 788 127 955 or fill in the below shipping container modifications quote form.

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