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Refrigerated Containers for Sale

Refrigerated shipping containers are the ideal way to transport and store goods that require reliable temperature-controlled facilities. When shipping or storing meat, cheese, dairy or seafood, a refrigerated container, also known as a ‘reefer’, is an absolute must-have. Fruits, flowers and many vegetables also need a steady temperature to make sure they arrive at their destination in their best condition, though they may only require an insulated container – it really does depend on the product, how far you are shipping, and how long the journey takes.

Refrigerated and Non-Operational Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated shipping containers are available in mechanically refrigerated or non-operational refrigerated (NOR) configurations. At BFS Containers our mechanically refrigerated containers  require a power source or generator on the container, truck or train being used to transport the container. Non-operation refrigerated containers are decommissioned refrigerated containers and usually have had their motors removed and sold as insulated containers. These units are good for keeping the contents of your container at a steady ambient temperature.

Portable Refrigeration Solutions

A refrigerated shipping container is not limited to just shipping goods either. Mechanically refrigerated shipping containers can also be used as a mobile cool-room on worksites, mine sites, construction sites, film sites, festival sites, catering sites and large functions – anywhere a portable solution to refrigeration is required.

Refrigerated Shipping Container Sizes

Refrigerated shipping containers are available in 20 foot and 40-foot sizes and have the same outside dimensions as general-purpose containers, however the space inside is smaller because of the refrigeration unit and ventilation requirements.

At BFS Containers, we offer refrigerated containers for sale or hire in 3 phase 20 foot and 40 foot sizes fitted with a variable temperature control that keeps your goods between +25° C and -25° C. We also have single phase refrigerated containers available as well.

Specifications 20′ Refrigerated Container 40′ Refrigerated Container
Inside Cubic Capactity 28.3 m3 57.8 m3
Max Gross Weight 22,111 kg 26,120 kg
Tare Weight 3,290 kg 4,360 kg
Dimensions Length Width Height
20′ Refrigerated External 6.06 m (20′) 2.44 m (8′) 2.90 m (9’6”)
20′ Refrigerated Internal 5.43 m 2.28 m 2.26 m
40′ Refrigerated External 12.19 m (40′) 2.44 m (8′) 2.90 m (9’6”)
40′ Refrigerated Internal 11.49 m 2.27 m 2.20 m
Refrigerated Door Size 2.34 m 2.58 m

Modified Refrigerated Shipping Containers

We can easily modify your refrigerated shipping container to cater to your specific needs. Shelving, lighting, butcher doors, lock boxes and more are all easily installed. Call to talk through what you want, and we can give you a fast and accurate quote.

Quality Guaranteed

When it comes to refrigerated shipping containers, it’s imperative that your goods remain frozen, chilled, or held at the exact temperature you require. So buying or hiring from a reputable and experienced company is essential. At BFS Containers, our high quality refrigerated containers are inspected and pre-tripped before delivery and we also offer a breakdown service in major metro areas in the unlikely case it’s required.

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