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How convenient are portable lunch rooms! Underestimating the importance of having a dedicated room on the worksite where workers can down tools and take time out for a break can cost you in more ways than one. Tired, unfed workers who feel like they haven’t had a proper break can be a disruptive element in your workforce. To paraphrase Napoleon, ‘A workforce marches on its stomach’!

The provision of staff amenities is also necessary under the Work Health Safety Act, which requires that all businesses provide – so far as is reasonably practical – adequate facilities for workers. Along with toilets, drinking water, and washing facilities, this includes a place where workers can eat.

Crib Hut

Portable lunch rooms (or crib huts, as they are sometimes called) not only makes a harmonious workplace, they also gives a clear signal about break times, which is always an important element on a worksite. Less mistakes, higher morale, more productivity, protection from the elements, worker satisfaction…a shipping container crib hut is an easy and effective way to boost productivity on your worksite while protecting them from the elements and keeping your workers fed.

Modified Lunch Rooms

At BFS Containers we’ve long been the experts in shipping container portable lunch rooms, and have been building and customising them for a long, long time. Our standard shipping container lunch room is insulated, and available in either a 20 foot or 40 foot size. They can be fitted with accessories including fixed tables and chairs, kitchenette, bathroom, electrical outlets, lighting, and hot water units. Or you can work with our engineers and fabricators to design a completely customised lunch room to your exact specifications.

Portable Lunch Room Features

  • Insulated panels.
  • Fixed tables and benches.
  • Kitchenette.
  • electrical fit-out.
  • 20 foot or 40 foot sizes.

Additional Crib Hut Accessories Available

  • Zip hot water system.
  • Vinyl flooring.
  • Security windows.
  • Personnel doors.
  • Wall partitions.
  • Ablution area with floor bund.
  • Shelving for supplies.
  • Air-conditioning.
  • Vents and whirlybirds.

Temporary Lunch Rooms

Shipping container portable lunch rooms or crib hut is perfect for construction sites, mining sites, farms, properties, or anywhere that your workers need to take breaks from their daily Sisyphean struggle, to eat or relax. And being fully transportable, the huts can be shifted around your worksite or to different areas whenever they’re required.

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