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Shipping Container Shelters from Port Shipping Containers are the ideal way to store or protect large items such as trucks, buses, cars, industrial machinery and mining equipment. Whatever extremes the elements can throw your way – heat, cold, wind, rain – a Container Shelter will handle them with ease.

Construction of a Container Shelter

Construction of a Container Shelter is remarkably easy for Port Shipping Containers. Depending on the size of the shelter, shipping containers are placed parallel to each other on either side of the space that needs to be sheltered. The domed shelter component is then mounted on top of the parallel shipping containers to create a high-domed cover over the space in between. A secure and sturdy, yet completely portable shelter is now in place. End walls are also available if a completely enclosed shelter is required and both permanent and portable shipping container shelters are available.

Dual Benefits of Shelter Design

The beauty in these shelters is their dual benefits of utility and protection. On the one hand the shipping containers are a secure foundation for the shelter; on the other, they can be used as a site office, storage container, lunchroom, accommodation, first aid room – whatever you desire.

Extra Height With Extra Utility

For a higher roof on your container shelter, a base of two containers stacked on top of each other is recommended. This will create a 5 metre high wall beneath your shelter and, of course, more space that can be utilised in the containers themselves. No foundations are required for the container shelters: frame footings are simply bolted or welded onto the containers which act as a solid foundation for your shelter.

Standalone Shelters Also Available

Whilst the extra benefits of a shipping container foundation are useful for storage or another purpose, there are times where a portable shelter without a shipping container base may also be required. Large sites with multiple worksites, farms, agricultural industries, and energy sectors are just some of the areas where an easily portable stand-alone shelter solution may be required. So, the shipping container shelters can also be sited on walls or posts, and can also be used as stand-alone shelters, with no shipping containers required.

Two Container Shelter Ranges Available

At BFS you can choose from two shipping container shelter ranges: a Premium range and a Platinum range. Our Premium range of shipping container shelters come in a large variety of sizes and can be custom made to order. The Platinum range is pre-made with a select size range. Both the premium shipping container shelter and economy container shelters are made to Australian Standards and have a 5 – 10 year warranty. Concerned about storms or gales? No need to be. Our standard units handle winds up to 152 kilometres per hour, and higher wind rated shelters rated up to 316 kilometres are also available.

Shipping Container Shelters Feature

  • Low cost shipment and assembly.
  • Simple to construct without a building license.
  • 6-16 m wide and 6-30+ m length.
  • Made from durable tensile membrane.
  • Can be custom manufactured to your requirements.
  • Permanent or transportable models available.
  • Site on containers, walls or posts.
  • Stand-alone models also available.
  • Low radiant heating.
  • Variety of different colours.
  • Total sun block out if required.
  • No beams for roosting birds.
  • Standard units handle winds up to 152 kilometres per hour.
  • Higher wind ratings up to 316 kilometres per hour also available.

Container Shelters are perfect for creating shade for trucks, tractors, harvesters, machinery, refrigerated shipping containers and more. They’re also ideal for storage and protection of fertilisers and chemicals. Market gardens, nurseries, mining, construction, factories and workshops can all benefit from shipping container shelters.

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At BFS Containers we’re really proud of the utility and protection that these innovative container shelters offer. Remember, we’re 100% South African owned, and all our products come with a money back guarantee. For more information on our shelter container range, fill out a quote form, or ring us on +27 788 127 955

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