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Self Storage Container Hire – From $3.25 a Day!

There are lots of reasons why you may need self storage, either on a short-term or long-term basis; and shipping container self storage is a convenient, cost-effective solution to what can otherwise become a very expensive exercise. No need to make several trips or hire a removalist to take all your stuff to the storage centre – our shipping container comes to you. And if you need something out of storage, you don’t have to arrange to go and find it – it’s right there, exactly where you need it.

Shipping Container Self Storage

Here are just a few situations where BFS Containers‘ self storage solution can help.

Note – We do not store your filled container at our facility (this is not a service we offer), it is left at your premises for easy access of your goods when you need them.

Going Traveling – Reduce Stress With Self Storage Containers

Working in another state for 6 months? Going overseas for an extended time? Got the caravan or motor home and planning a dream trip around Australia? Lucky you! But what do you do about all your stuff? You could put it into a self storage facility, at a pretty steep cost. Or you could pack it all up safely and securely in a shipping container and head off, safe in the knowledge that your goods are safe and secure until you want them, at an incredibly reasonable price.

Painting or Renovating the House

If you’ve ever done it, you’ll know that the best thing to do with ALL YOUR STUFF is to move it right out of the way. Shifting boxes and items between rooms, moving stuff away from the walls, having to deal with piles of goods all over the place (it is a law of renovating or painting that even if you stack and label and organise carefully – and who does that? – it devolves into chaos within a week) is a complete nightmare. And builder’s dust…have you ever tried to get builder’s dust out of your belongings? It gets everywhere. Don’t even think about it! Make your life easy, remove all your stuff into a shipping container, then move it all back in when the job is finished. At $3.25 a day, this is a luxury you can afford.

Moving – With Removalists

Even if it’s a straightforward move from one set of premises to another, and you are using a removalist company, a self storage shipping container can be a lifesaver. You have time to pack up your goods in an orderly and measured manner, in your own time, and stack them out of the house in the shipping container. It’s great for if you want to declutter or sort before you go. Your removalists can then remove items from the shipping container and take them to your new house in their truck.

Moving – Without Removalists With Our Load Your Own Service

Or you could remove the removalists altogether, and just use our ‘Load Your Own’ service, where we deliver the shipping container to you, and you pack your stuff in your own time. Once you’re done, we take the shipping container to your new premises, and again you arrange your goods in your own time. Finished? We take the shipping container away again. Sorted.

Storage Between Moves

You’ve sold your house and settlement’s in six weeks. And your new house that the builder assured you would be ready isn’t ready for eight weeks or ten weeks…(or maybe longer…who knows?) What do you do? Get a shipping container of course. Load your goods into the shipping container, then we can deliver it to your new house when it’s ready. Easy.

Storage of Seasonal Goods or Big Items

So the garage fits your two cars nicely. But what about the jet ski…the tinnie…the dirt bikes… the quad bike…the ski gear…the camping trailer…the camping gear…? Yes, if you have a lot of toys, you need somewhere to store them, and a shipping container is the perfect place.

Decluttering Your Home

If you’re lucky, you have a big house with not much stuff, and plenty of storage space, all neatly organised –and you wouldn’t be looking at self storage options! If you’re like the rest of us, you probably live in too small a house for all your stuff and just don’t know how to deal with it. Decluttering can take a long time and can take up a lot of space while you do it. There are a lot of websites that tell you how easy it is, but it’s not! Using a shipping container can really help. By removing everything that you want to sort through into a central location away from your house, it gives you a chance to figure out what you really need. Once you have your house the way you want it, you can go through all the stuff you want to declutter in your own time, your own way. It’s a great way to declutter your mind as well. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get rid of things, once you can see they don’t have a place in your house.

No Trips To The Storage Centre – Your Storage Is Right There Where You Need It!

With a BFS Containers self storage shipping container you don’t have to pack up the car and make a trip to the storage centre. You just walk your stuff right in.  No lifts or trolleys required! Our self storage service is up to 50% cheaper than some of our competitors, and it is also a lot easier. If you need self storage, give BFS Containers a call on +27 788 127 955. or fill out our quote form and see how we can make it easy for you.

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