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Using shipping container removals to help you move home comes with a multitude of benefits.

Everyone agrees that moving is a nightmare. Trying to declutter, packing up your stuff in time for the removalists, trying to negotiate your way around hundreds of boxes stacked up around your house until moving day, watching as the removalists pick up your precious goods and throw them unceremoniously into the truck, watching the movers dump all your precious goods into your new house (usually in the wrong room!), and then having to work around all the boxes for weeks on end until you can find the time to fully unpack, can be incredibly stressful.

‘Load Yourself’ Takes the Stress Out of Moving

Naturally we can’t promise to take all the stress out of moving (you’ll still have to declutter!), but our new ‘Load Yourself’ container removals service is a fantastic way to make sure you can organise your own move in your own time, while saving on expensive ‘base to base’ removalist costs as well.

We also offer all the gear you need to pack your container accordingly. Whether it’s cardboard boxes or soft blankets, we can get them out to your before the container arrives. We can also supply a trolley for the heavy lifting!
Take a look below at some of the packing accessories we offer. For more information, please contact our sales team on +27 788 127 955.

How ‘Load Yourself’ Shipping Container Hire Works

We deliver your shipping container to your home or work premises at a time specified by you. You load your own goods into the container at your leisure, exactly the way you want. Once your container is packed to your specifications, we come and collect it and deliver it to your new premises. Then you unpack in your own time.

Need a few weeks until the renovations on your new place are fully completed? No problem, your contents are safely secured until you’re ready for them. Then you can unpack neatly and efficiently, placing your goods exactly where you want them – not where the removalists have unloaded them in a jumble because you’re anxiously watching the moving costs add up!

So, in a nut-shell:

  • We deliver your shipping container.
  • You pack your container at your leisure. No loading into a high truck or ute – just walk right in!
  • Once the container has been packed and is ready for pick up, we collect the container and deliver it to your new premises.
  • You unpack your container at your leisure.
  • When you’re finished we remove the container. Easy!
  • And you’re only charged for the time you have the container plus transport costs.  Optional packing accessories also available to purchase.

Sizes of Shipping Containers Available for ‘Load Yourself’ Container Removals

At BFS Containers we supply a range of different containers to suit the size of your move, including 10 foot (approx 3 metres) 20 foot (approx 6 metres) and 40 foot (approx 12 metres) containers. What size you will require will depend on the size and shape of your household contents of course, but in general, a 10 foot container is suitable for an apartment, and a 20 foot container will fit a 2-3 bedroom home. And if you’re moving a mansion…then a 40 foot container should suffice! If you need any help estimating the size of a container for your move, simply give us a call on +27 788 127 955. and we’ll be able to advise you.

Shipping Container Packing Tips

There are some considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when packing your storage container for removal. Don’t leave small items loose – make sure everything is packed tightly in a box. Double box fragile goods if necessary. If possible, load the heaviest items in first, and make sure they are equally distributed around the container and tightly secured. Then fill in the spaces with boxes, heaviest boxes on the bottom, and lightest boxes on the top. Be sure to bubble wrap mirrors and paintings and other fragile items, and use removalist blankets to protect furniture and furnishings. The tighter you pack the boxes, the safer your goods will be. Strapping and tying items so they don’t move in transit is also a good idea.

Shipping Containers for Storage While Renovating or Painting

You can also use our ‘Load Yourself’ shipping container service to empty your house during renovations, or when doing painting, carpeting or repairs. If you’ve ever renovated, you’ll know that builder’s dust gets in everything and can take weeks (months, years!) to get rid of. A much easier solution is to remove all your goods in the first place. No need to take them to an expensive storage centre though! Simply load up one of our shipping container and you’re good to go. By using our container removals service you’ll save time and money on the building and renovating as well.

Self-Pack Shipping Container Removals

Moving across the country is no easy task. One of the more stressful aspects is worrying about keeping your goods safe and in one place. With self-pack shipping container removals, you can achieve both.

Whether you’re moving your house or business, packing your own container helps you save money. Also, you can take a tentative approach, which means you know your goods are safe.

How You Can Utilise Self-Pack Shipping Container Removals

If the idea of moving your home or business is daunting, taking a novel approach to moving your goods may not ease your fears. However, there are ways you can utilise your self-pack shipping container for a successful and seamless removal experience:

  • Set the delivery time. If you know when your removal date is and when you need to start packing, set a delivery time for your self-pack shipping container. The sooner you get it, the more flexible your removal experience becomes.
  • Take a relaxed approach. If keeping your goods safe is important to you, taking a relaxed approach reduces the risk of unnecessary breakages. Similarly, it allows you to work around other commitments, helping you save money.
  • Finalise the delivery process. Before the big day arrives, contact the shipping container removal company and arrange for them to move your goods.
The Beauty of Flexibility

Don’t have a moving date yet? Buying a new house or shifting your business to a new location isn’t always a straightforward process. From contracts falling through to buyers backing out, there are plenty of incidents that grind the removal process to a halt.

When you use a self-pack shipping container for removals, you can place it into storage. As a result, you know your goods are safe, even though your moving date isn’t set.

Once you reach your destination, you can take an equally leisurely approach to unpacking. This is particularly beneficial for businesses, where issues such as maximising space and design layout can slow things down. Once your removal shipping container is clear, though, you’re only a quick phone call away from someone picking it up.

Finally, when you head down the self-packing route, you have complete control over the packing process. You know your items best, which means you’re the most suitable person for stacking them. With your approach, your less likely to encounter losses and damage. To enhance this process, you may also want to keep an inventory.

If you feel like you could benefit from a self-pack shipping container, contact us.

Ready to Move? Let’s Go!

If you want to make your move in your own time, in your own way, then our new load yourself shipping container service is for you. To find out more, or to arrange a container, either fill in the quote form above, or a call on  +27 788 127 955.

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If you would like a quote on our container removals service, then fill in our easy to use quote form below and we will send you our removalist quote for your location. Alternatively, you can call one of our friendly sales team on  +27 788 127 955. and they will answer any questions that you may have about our back load removals service

We supply a range of different storage containers from our standard 3 meter shipping containers, through to our 6 meter and 12 meter shipping containers. We also have other container solutions such as Open Top Containers and High Cube ContainersRefrigerated Containers and Insulated Containers, even Accommodation Units.

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