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Bulker Shipping Containers Feature

  • High Cube pallet wide shipping container
  • External width of 2,462mm maximising cubic capacity
  • Steel flooring
  • Strengthened roof panels
  • Double container doors
  • 3 roof loading hatches
  • 2 bleed hatches at rear for sampling and partial discharge
  • Full-width front hatch with side mounted release
Specifications 20′ Bulker Container
Inside Cubic Capacity 37.4 m3
Max Gross Weight 34,850 kg
Tare Weight 2,980 kg
Dimensions Length Width Height
External 6.058 m 2.462 m 2.896 m
Internal 5.875 m 2.380 m 2.684 m
3 x Roof Hatches 610mm 610mm
2 x Bleed Hatches 300mm 400mm
Front Discharge Hatch 2.2 m 400mm
Door Size 2.342 m 2.608 m

Alternate Applications

These units are not just used to store or transport grain etc. Our customers also buy them for domestic purposes such as storing furniture or other goods. Due to the number of hatches around the containers they can be easily ventilated. Just pop open the roof, door and wall hatches and you will have maximum air flow around your goods. Bulker Containers are built tough, with strengthened roof panels and steel flooring which decreases maintenance and repair costs.

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