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If you’ve ever been to a booming mining town and tried to rent a property or get a room in a motel or caravan park, you’ll realise why portable accommodation containers are so popular. Remote areas are even trickier. Visit a remote mine or construction site and you’ll see first-hand the challenges that these types of industries face when trying to arrange housing for their staff. Workers need somewhere to eat, sleep, wash and relax, and accommodation is always a key consideration. It’s even more of a consideration when the worksite is only in operation for a specified period of time, or needs to move to another location. Shipping containers are an excellent and versatile portable accommodation solution for when additional on-site accommodation is required.

Modified Containers With Partitioned Sleeping Areas

Shipping containers can create a share accommodation for a number of people very comfortably even in what seems like a small space, and at BFS Containers we have a range of modified shipping containers that can do just that. For example, our Kakadu container is a 20 foot shipping container equipped with 3 separate rooms that can accommodate up to 6 people in bunks. The Station is a 40 foot shipping container made up of 4 rooms. Again, when furnished with bunks it can accommodate 8 people, in just one container. This is ideal for when there are separate ablution blocks and cooking and eating areas already established.

Self-Contained Container Accommodation

These days self-contained accommodation containers complete with kitchenettes, living and sleeping areas and ensuites are a very popular choice, especially if workers are to be housed there for a longer period of time. Our Pacific and Longbeach containers (below) are good examples of how comfortable and accessible these types of shipping container accommodations can be.

Container Accommodation Features

  • South Africa made.
  • Fully painted new or premium grade containers.
  • Large colour range.
  • 20 foot or 40 foot sizes.
  • Easy plumbing and electrical connections.
  • Ready-made or custom-designed to suit you.

Container Accessories Available Include

  • Air conditioning.
  • all partitions.
  • Hot water systems.
  • Wide range of doors and windows.
  • Vinyl flooring or floating floor boards.

A longer list of accessories is available on our container accessories page, or else you can give us a call on +27 788 127 955 and we can give you a complete list of accessories and price guide.

Container Accommodation for Agriculture and Farming

Shipping container accommodation need not be limited to remote mining and construction areas. Agricultural properties and farms often find them useful as well. Accommodation for seasonal workers is often required, and shipping container accommodation is the perfect solution.

Container Accommodation for Caravan Parks

Caravan parks and holiday parks are all too familiar with portable buildings – caravans being the original portable building after all! But shipping container conversions are becoming very popular in caravan parks and holiday parks across South africa. Available at an extremely competitive price, they are easily customised and provide a unique accommodation experience that tourists love. Plus they can be stacked, which is a great way to take advantage of a small site. Shipping container accommodation for retreats and community living is also a popular alternative to permanent and expensive buildings. The modular nature of shipping containers gives many options to create a spacious retreat at considerably less cost.

Container Holiday Accommodation

Accommodation containers need not be limited to big commercial outfits either. Got a property with some land and want to employ some WWOOFs on your organic farm? Install some shipping container accommodation and you’re set to go. Have a property in an area that tourists love to visit, but that’s too expensive to build a house on? Shipping container accommodation wins again. Websites like Airbnb enable you to add to your income very easily by renting out your home. With BFS Containers you can now house your guests in modified container accommodation overlooking the ocean or bushland ravine, or simply take residence in the container yourself, whilst renting out your whole house for profit.

Container Accommodation for Home Renovations

Granny flats and are also great uses for portable accommodation containers, and if you’re renovating or building your own home, a shipping container can be a godsend. Shipping Container Homes might be a little smaller than what you’re used to, but at least it has a bathroom, kitchen, bed and air-conditioning – and no builder’s dust! When your renovations are finished or the house is built, your shipping container can then become a kids play room, home office, studio, or guest accommodation. Or you can just remove it completely.

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